Steven Brust

Corwin’s Father. Below are collected various web-references to the man and his work.

Cats Laughing at Twenty Years

Dee and I, with our friend David Dyer-Bennet created a Kickstarter to bring about a reunion concert CD for Cats Laughing.

Dashboard courtesy

Create a Cats Laughing Twenty Year Reunion Event & Album -- Kicktraq Mini

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The Incrementalists

Cover image for The IncrementalistsThe Incrementalists is a forthcoming novel written by Steven Brust and Skyler White.  Steven is really excited about this one so he’s amped up the promotion including a dedicated website or two. Here’s an Amazon Pre-order link if you are inclined to support this sort of thing:

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Photo of Steven by David Dyer-BennetSteven Brust’s homepage,, is the canonical source for his blog, free downloads, a list his short-stories as well as his commentary on his own novels and more.  We especially recommend “My Own Kind of Freedom” (PDF, Kindle or ePub), a free novel-length fanfic set in the Firefly universe as well as the Donate page.

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